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dental crowns effectively restore compromised teeth

Crowns, or caps, are a common treatment for restoring function and natural appearance to damaged or compromised teeth. Typically made of porcelain and customized to be the same color as your natural teeth, crowns protect and strengthen the structure of teeth that cannot be treated with fillings or other dental restorations.

Crowns can be customized to match the shape and size of your natural teeth, in addition to the color, bringing you long-lasting confidence in your smile. Eventually, crowns may need to be replaced, but they are durable and can last many years.

crowns are a common treatment for:
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Large fillings
  • Post-root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic improvements
crowns are applied in two simple procedures

At your first crown-related appointment, Dr. Terri will take a variety of molds, also known as impressions, of your teeth that will help create a custom crown. A mold will also be used to create a temporary crown that will stay in place until your second visit, typically about two weeks, while your permanent crown is created in a dental laboratory.

To place your temporary crown, Dr. Terri will numb the affected tooth, then remove decay and reshape the surface to fit the crown. The temporary crown will be placed with cement, and your bite will be checked to ensure a comfortable fit.

At your second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned, your new crown will be applied, and again your bite will be assessed to ensure comfort and accurate placement. Finally, Dr. Terri provides Geneva, NY patients like you with instructions on hygiene for your new crown, as well as a plan for follow-up dental visits to check on the new crown and your general dental health.

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